We are one of the best prestige home builders in south east of Melbourne. We have been in business since 1999, during which time we have succeeded in building a rock-solid reputation for ourselves as a company that builds the highest-quality houses in the community. Not only do we build, but we also perform home renovations and home extensions. Let us describe for you some of the many services that we provide.


Luxury home builders Hawthorn

The houses that we build are absolutely stunning. One of them ( shown above) just to give you an idea of what they are like — is so big and ornate that it looks almost more like an office than a private residence, with its large, high-ceiling rooms, room-height windows and amber lights. We try to use designs that are original as well as contemporary, and no matter what the physical layout of the environment in which it is to be located, we can design the building so that it fits organically into its surroundings. Best of all, our houses are built “from the ground up.”

Home extension Hawthorn

For house extensions, we can help you every step of the way, coordinating the activities of the architect, the draftsman and the builder to keep the process from getting too complicated. We can add additional rooms, floors or passageways to your house, build a new porch or do any number of other things to improve the property.


House renovation Hawthorn

Home renovations is another important part of our services. We can give your house — or a particular room or area therein — such a complete and excellent makeover that you’ll find it almost impossible to believe that it’s even the same place! We can perform such home renovation in Hawthorn whether your house is less than a decade or more than a century old.

When you call on us to perform your house renovations in Hawthorn, we will ask what things you consider to be important and take measurements of both the interior and the exterior of the building. We will also tell you what kind of work will be involved and what tools will be needed for its execution. The final product will be constructed exactly according to the requirements of the customer.

Bathroom renovations Hawthorn

This is the third form of house renovation available from our people. The number and variety of improvements that you can make on your bathroom are astonishing — you may want to put in a new sink, toilet or bathtub; change the shower head; put in a new set of cupboards for storing soap, shampoo, conditioner and other things; replace the floor or wall tiling; or refurbish the ceiling. (These are all things that have been done in my own bathroom, by the way. The old floor tiles were absolutely hideous in my opinion.) Whatever you want, we can have it done for you in a timely fashion.

To get quotes for home extension & renovations and bathroom renovations in hawthorn, go to the appropriate page and fill out the form Or call us at 0422 137 924.


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