Your home is as beautiful as you want to make it look. While you might just love those rooms, bright with memories aplenty, you might want to renovate your home every few years, to bring in some freshness. Home renovations and extensions can be a tricky affair, and we help you make it easy.

We understand your needs

Are you looking for someone to build and design your dream home? Or do you already own a house in Balwyn and are looking to get your home extension and renovations? There are three things that you must look at before hiring your builder – respectability, experience and portfolio.

Messerer Homes – the luxury home builders team scores on all the three fronts. We are one of the most respectable builders in Victoria. We started out back in 1999, and since then have continued our tradition of making and designing homes that are original yet timeless at the same time.

Our services

Don’t spend time looking for the right home extension plans when you the right extension and renovations team with you!We provide a host of services tailored to your needs, including luxury home building, home renovations and extensions and bathroom renovations balwyn.

Luxury home builders Balwyn

From the first blueprint to the final finishing, we create luxury homes from scratch. Our team includes experts how flawlessly combine your ideas of what you want with modern architectural and design sensibilities. We make sure to keep you in the loop, and create a custom luxury house that is within your estimated budget as well as fulfills your dreams. We are Melbourne’s best luxury home builders in an around Balwyn suburb.

Home Renovations Balwyn

It is said change is good. And it is never truer more than when said in reference to homes. A little change in the form of home renovation in your Balwyn house can do wonders and make the home look entirely new. This is a good option at major milestones in life, like when you are having a baby. Our team of experts makes sure to understand what kind of changes you want and then implements them with a sense of contemporary style and design. You could get a part of your home renovated, or the whole thing.

House Extensions Balwyn

House extensions Balwyn have become a popular option in recent times, what with lack of space availability and a move towards more compact luxury homes. They can give you the extra space you want without seeming ostentatious. The extension can be as big or small as you want – you could add a storey if you want additional bedrooms or you could simply have a smaller beautiful extension for that kitchen garden you always dreamt of.

Bathroom Renovations Balwyn

Bathrooms are that place in the house where you truly relax. A bathroom needs to have clean lines, a soothing palette, and should feel calm. Bathroom renovations balwyn spice up the area a little and help it feel new. Not only can you get a new vibe from it, but you can also add other features that you now need or you think you should have added before. Our experts combine functionality with design in the best way to give you a truly remarkable experience.

With Messerer Homes luxury home renovations are a lot simple. Just call us at 0422 137 924 and we will help you start the rewarding journey to have a better home.


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